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A physical separation which may be a low inlet into the indirect waste receptor from the fixture, appliance, or device indirectly connected.

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ABS Plumbing Fittings, Pipe, Solvent

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ABS Plumbing Fittings, Pipe, Solvent:
Typically, in the plumbing system industry (it’s applied a great deal in the automobile industry since it is so hard-wearing) this is black colored plastic pipe and fittings used in drainage, sewerage, waste and vents. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) pipe and fittings have substituted much of the cast iron, lead and steel pipes formerly used for drains, waste & vents. Strictly ABS glue (solvent cement) must be used to properly join fittings to pipe joints. Under standard conditions, quality ABS will not fracture, flake or peel off.

CKP PLUMBING – Hawaii Plumbing Contractor

“We Measure Twice + Cut Once”


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Grey Water System Simplified

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Grey water system reprocess & installation requirements

What is Greywater? This is the secondhand water from shower, washbasin, bathing tub and laundry.

Absolutely no TOILET WATER.

A greywater diversion device: A simple device which is usually installed on the outlet waste pipe on the laundry tub. A by-pass unit permits you to manually deviate the laundry water from the sewage system and into a sub-soil irrigation line. Some diversion systems feature a simple filter to filter out the hair and lint that go down the drainpipe. No more treatment takes place and all harmful pathogens and chemicals continue in the diverted water.

This filtration tank is less than 1 cubic meter in size. It comprises of a pine bark coarse filter on top of dissimilar grades of sand and gravel. The pine bark ensnares large particles like lint from the washing machine. The sand filter captivates finer materials, polishes the water and reduces the organic content of the exiting water. The pine bark is divided from the sand by filter textile. The filtrated material and bark will compost over time and should be removed every six months and replaced with fresh bark, available from your local greenhouse nursery.


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Clogged Waste Drains

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Clogged Waste drains is an unavoidable nuisance that every homeowner, building manager, shop owner must endure at some point in the plumbings life time.

There are several common factors that contribute to clogged waste drains & frequent bathroom plumbing problems. The main two are general use and not-knowing abuse. Scale, silt, grease, dirt, hair, and an array of foreign objects accumulate in drains and cause drain blockages. All drains and pipes need drain clearing/cleaning at some point and it is only when they become blocked that we think about them. External factors can also play a part in the health and well being of your waste drains and branch lines. These common items are tree roots, renovations, and extreme weather conditions can all cause clogs and massive damage to pipes.

Early detection techniques would be by using the state of the art camera’s such as a SeeSnake. Knowing what the clog or blockage is the first defeat behind clearing successfully and effectively.

This high powered device is what top professional plumbing contractors like CKP Plumbing use to identify main sewer waste line issues. CKP Plumbing Hawaii is able to locate and unblock your drains quickly and easily thanks to the latest waste drain cleaning technologies. We utilize a drain cleaning camera that is able to inspect further down your pipes and drains and give us a clear picture of the cause of your blockage. The Benefits are:

  1. Clog and Waste issues are easily located
  2. Less disruption to you and your family while utilizing these high powered tools
  3. A quicker and more efficient service which will save money in the long run
Don’t take your pipes for granted that they will work forever with no sort of maintainability plan in place.

CKP Plumbing – Hawaii Plumbing Contractor
“We Measure Twice + Cut Once”


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