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Household In-sinkerator

If an in-sink-erator is already installed in your home and it goes bad, don’t panic it is very easy to install a new one right in its place. The disposal unit is secured by a twist lock that ensures proper seal and mounting. Unplug the disposal to be changed from the wall outlet. Disconnect the drain pipe from the waste plumbing, use a bucket in this section to catch any residual stuff that may come out of the piping. Then “twist off” the old in-sink-erator and “twist on” the new one. Make sure that you take the knock out plug out before installing the new disposer. Connect the disassembled plumbing that was taken off and make sure that the connections are a 1/4 turn past hand tight. After the unit is mounted solid, plug in the unit back into the wall socket with the pig tail. To check the unit properly run the water into the unit and turn on for a short burst to make sure that all connectivity is well put. You are all done….Great job


8 easy steps to install a Pedestal Sink in your bathroom…

Before you begin make sure that you allot 2 to 4 hours out of your day to accomplish this tedious task

1. Supporting of the pedestal sink. To secure a pedestal sink to the wall, there must be something strong to bolt it to.  Here are some techniques to think about depending on the type of wall construction that you may have in your home. The best way to install a pedestal sink, is with lag screw bolts and proper blocking in the wall construction. This will take a bit of pre-planning on the plumbers line. If the wall behind is tile set on a mortar base you may have to use heavy-duty wall anchors, to properly anchor the bowl.

2. Set the basin and pedestal in the position it will be bolted. Check positioning and level before mounting with bolts, lag screws, wing bolts, etc. At this point, you need to mark the wall for the mounting holes of the basin and pedestal.

3. Remove the pedestal sink and put to the side while you drill the proper holes for your mounting fasteners.

4. Install the faucet and drain assembly on the basin. Also a good habit would be to install the supply lines to the faucet.

5. Reposition the basin and pedestal, bolt the basin in place. Do not over tighten the bolts to avoid cracking the sink.

6. Install the drain and water supply lines, to the waste drain and the water outlets, and test for leaks. If a leak occurs slack the connections and inspect for metal flakes or other types of debris and re-fasten to connecting points.

7. Put the pedestal back into its final position and bolt it to the floor. If the pedestal is not meant to be bolted to the floor, apply adhesive caulk to the bottom and top of the pedestal before putting it into position.

8. Caulk the joint located between the sink and the wall with mold resistant bath caulking.

Now that you have installed your very own pedestal maybe you can take on installing that new garbage disposal…

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